Dear participants!

 It is a great honor to welcome you to our second edition of the ArtSearch symposium. 

In 2016 we hosted the first edition and this fact presents a wonderful opportunity to go over a few things that happened between now and then.

At that time our awareness of artistic research as an academic discipline or field of research was rudimentary and we received valuable inspiration by Henk Borgdorff and others. In the meantime, our doctoral program Dr. scientiae musicae has evolved considerably, becoming more integrated in the international agendas of artistic research. E.g. Sam Penderbayne’s dissertation (submitted in 2018) constitutes an important contribution in this respect. We, i.e. the HfMT and the university of applied sciences have also successfully applied for a joint Graduiertenkolleg, a research project on the doctoral level, bringing together musicologists, performers, composers and technologists under the moniker of Kinetics in Sound and Space (KiSS). We have also started networking with other schools of music (and drama) as well as the newly founded Gesellschaft für künstlerische Forschung in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. These exchanges have proven that many roads lead to Rome i.e. to knowledge and awareness in and of the artistic process. While terms like agency and embodiment are particularly important for performing artists, our work hitherto has been driven by questions of cognition and toolmaking in the dialectic of research in art and for art. 

I would like to mention that this symposium also poses an opportunity to bestow an honorary doctoral degree on famous ethnomusicologist Simha Arom. People familiar with György Ligeti’s work are aware of the fact that some aspects of it could be considered applied ethnomusicology. Arom thus created the tools that Ligeti applied in his artistic research. 

I also would like to take the opportunity to thank the Hamburg ministry of science, research and equal opportunities (BWFG) for its support as well as the presenters (some of them well-respected figures in the field) and organizers of this second edition of ArtSearch.

Our thanks also go to the Hamburg Behörde für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Gleichstellung for their kind support!